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At LIFE Church we believe that the church was established so that people could be in relationship with God and each other, not so that they would be under the rule of a religious ideal invented by men. So throw out your religious ideas and experience freedom that comes through authentic relationships first with Jesus and secondly with a community of believers who are devoted to Jesus.


Life Church COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines 

As of July 8, 2020 


These are items of interest for those who may wish to join us again at LC for corporate worship. Our goal as a church is to reopen on Sunday, July 19th. With current NYS guidelines still in place for large group gatherings, we felt it best to put together this document so you know what to expect if and when you decide to return to church. We understand that individuals and families have varying opinions about what is necessary as our country and community continues to respond to the current coronavirus pandemic. We respect each individual choice on how you will follow CDC or NYS guidelines. However, as a church with a responsibility to think globally, LC will adhere to the following guidelines until further notice. Please read these guidelines carefully, understanding that if you choose to join us for any activity or service at our Life Church building, we expect you to respect these guidelines to the best of your ability. If you choose not to join us physically, we are happy to announce that we will continue offering Facebook Live livestream of our weekly services indefinitely. 

-Face coverings are required for all individuals 2 years old and older at all times except while seated, provided all individuals can maintain a safe six-foot distance, excluding immediate household members. Acceptable face coverings should completely cover the mouth and nose. If you have a personal health exception that prohibits you from doing so, please contact pastor Josh so we may try to help you overcome this obstacle to our corporate worship gatherings. Once the service has started and all parties are seated, you are welcome to remove your face covering as long as you remain at your seat. If, for some reason, you or another individual around you has to move, if the safe distance of six feet will be compromised, you and the other individual must take the personal responsibility to don your face covering until the six feet distance is once again assured. 
-When you arrive at the church, we will have a table with adult-size face masks and hand sanitizer available at the door if you need them. A host and/or hostess will greet you just inside the door. Seating will begin at 10:00am. Based on your party size, they will direct you to an appropriate seating location. We have labeled some seating for families that attend on a regular basis.  Please look for your spot upon arrival. Please be aware that current NYS guidelines allow us to fill our sanctuary to no more that 25% capacity. We have taken considerable time to develop an efficient seating system that should expedite this process quickly and ensure that each family unit is seated safely six feet from any other in all directions. Please be patient with this process for the first couple of weeks as everyone learns the system. We recommend that you arrive 15-30 minutes early in order to get seated prior to the livestream service start time of 10:30.
-Bill will lead us in worship. CDC and NYS safe-distance guidelines for singing without a face covering requires a 12-foot distance between individuals. With this in mind, during worship, if you wish to sing, you must wear your face covering. Once you finish singing you can remove your face covering. 
-All media team volunteers serving in the booth on any given Sunday must wear their face covering at all times, since maintaining a six-foot distance is not possible within that space. 
-Please use the restroom before you come. The restroom will be available; however, we ask that you refrain from using them except for emergencies.  If you must use the restroom, the following guidelines must be followed:

-Please use hand sanitizer provided outside the restroom doors to sanitize your hands as you enter the restroom. Before exiting the restroom please wash your hands and use the paper towel to dry your hands and open the door. A trash receptacle will be provided outside each door for you to throw the towel.

-On communion Sundays, we will use prepackaged communion elements that you pick up on your way into the service. We will provide trash receptacles at all exit doors. Please help us by throwing away your communion cups as you leave.

-We will not be passing the offering plate during our services. We encourage you to give online if possible. An offering basket will be available the table as you leave, with hand sanitation products available if needed.
-We have removed all pew Bibles from the seats. If you like to use a Bible during the sermon, please bring one with you. If you do not own a Bible and would like to have one, please let pastor Josh know and he will get you one.
-At the end of our service, we ask all attendees to don their face coverings and we will dismiss you in an orderly, logical flow to help you maintain the six-foot social distance guideline as much as possible. Please exit the building, not lingering inside. If you wish to speak with another attendee you may do so once outside, but we do ask that you not linger too long or stand in a place which makes it difficult for other attendees to exit the building safely.
-We regret that there will be no childcare services or spaces available until further notice.
During the week we will take appropriate measures to clean and disinfect all areas used during our services. To help us do the best we can to ensure that all areas remain safe for everyone.

We look forward to being back together with each of you and covet your prayers as we seek to lead well in this reopening phase. Thank you for taking the time to read through these guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact pastor Josh and he will get back with you as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Life Church


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